Food Drive INFO

Hello all,

The pandemic has caused many community members to seek help where they can. Many are turning to the Kingston Food Bank for help, causing the food bank's supplies to diminish. Therefore, at our April meeting it was decided that we would hold a food drive to help support the food bank. 

Tiffany has contacted them and below is a list of items she was given that they are in need of. If you can, and are willing to help, please collect what you can and send us an email at, we will set up a time and date to meet for collection. Tiffany would like to get your donation by May 5th so she can get them delivered on May 6th to the food bank. 


Here is the list of items needed. 

Hamburger helper

Tuna helper

Chicken helper



Rice a Roni



Pancake mix


Jam and/or Jelly


Any meats (If anyone gets big packages they will portion them out)

NO mac n cheese (they have a lot)


Thank you all for taking the time to help out. If you have any questions please let us know.